Hindu Mandir

Today, Year 5 have been to visit a Hindu Mandir.  We learnt a lot of new facts and stories whilst also having fun dressing up in saris and prayer shawls and trying out some traditional dancing.  Plenty of pennies were spent in the gift shop buying Diva lamps and wooden flutes as mementos of a fabulous visit.  This was all topped off by some yummy, homemade Indian cookies for the journey home.

Have a look at our photo gallery to see some of the exciting activities we took part in.

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My Holidays By Darcie

My favourite thin we did on the holidays that I did was  when me, Mum, Alix, Aunty Nats and Mia went to Pendal hill. It took about  1hour and 20 minutes to get there, it was supposed to be about 1hour but we got lost, but it was worth it!!

First we had some sandwich’s and some yoghurts to get us going after the long drive. Next we had no idea where to go so we went into a café  to get some leaflets. Then we set off. If you go there will be brown arrows to follow to get to a witch statue hunt.   The problem is when you look for it you have to walk up a very long and steep hill, but there is a bench half way up.

Its really fun there and a good day out!!!!!



The Day The Ancient Greeks Invaded The Deans By Lorenne

On Tuesday the 18th of march y5 dressed up as ancient greeks , there were all sorts of different costumes like Hera , Zues , Princesses and many more . Firstly we learnt the greek alphabet , the first two are alpha and beta . Some letters in our alphabet weren’t in the greek alphabet like y and j . After that we made a song up about the alphabet it was a very good lesson . Secondly we made flatbread out of natural yoghurt and flour . First we sivved the flour into a bowl then we added natural yoghurt and mixed it . When we had made the flatbread we made greek door hangers by putting our name in greek and put a piece of string in it. Then we learnt a greek piece in music called Provotakya , we had to play off the beat it was very tricky .

After dinner we learnt how to do a greek dance . girls and boys did different things .Then we ate our flatbread that we made that morning it was lovely we got to taste it with humas , then we tried some greek sweets they were lovely !.After that we did some drama adding things on to a piece of drama but we had to stay still it was very funny because we heard a few catch phrases . It was a fantastic day and i was really dissapointed to go home .

Ancient Greek day

ancient greek day

At my house early in the morning i was very excited for ancient greek day i got in my costume and went down stairs to get ready for school . When i got to school i saw how good everyone looked . Our first activity was to make a song about the ancient greek alphabet and then we made door hangers with our name on in ancient greek . We had ancient greek string music to learn at music after that some people went to make flat bread with Mrs Murphy whilst mrs monks fried them . Then it was time for dinner. After dinner we had our flatbread and humus and wine (cranberry juice ) then we had greek drama and then it was time to go home . But i really did not want to go home after such an amazing day . What i really enjoyed was the really flat bread i enjoyed making it a lot . The door hangers were not my favourite but i still enjoyed it . By Tallulah